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Texas Lightning Protection Systems company Hamilton Lightning Rods is a fourth generation Lightning Protection Company proudly serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and beyond. We design, inspect and install lightning rod systems for all types of commercial, residential, rural, ranch, farm properties.  Moreover, as a UL Lightning Protection professional company and a member of NFPA, we also provide lightning protection for oil fields,  oil rigs & oil & gas terminals.

As a UL Listed lightning protection system installer we have been evaluated by UL and found to comply with the program requirements for UL’s lightning protection system installer program. As a UL Listed lightning protection system installer, we can deliver a UL Master Label® certificate.

We install new construction lightning protection systems, retrofit older systems, perform safety inspections and perform lightning protection system repairs. If you have recently added new structures or buildings to your commercial property or home, contact us for a lightning protection system risk assessment.

Texas Lightning Rod Installation Company

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    60+ years of Lightning Protection Experience

    Texas Lightning Rod Pros

    Lightning Rod on commercial building

    Texas based lightning rod installation company, Hamilton rods provides commercial lightning protection systems and measures put in place to safeguard commercial buildings, structures, and equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. These systems typically include lightning rods, grounding systems, surge protection devices, and bonding of metallic components.

    Residential Lightning Rods Texas

    Residential lightning protection systems are designed to install lightning rods on homes to safeguard property, occupants, and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. Protect your home and property with Hamilton residential lightning protection.

    Lightning Protection Oil Industry

    As a UL listed installation company, our lightning protection company provides lightning protection systems to the oil industry. The oil industry often deals with flammable materials, sensitive equipment, and expansive facilities, making lightning protection crucial for safety and operational continuity.

    Lightning Protection Barns

    Protecting barns, stables and farmhouses from lightning strikes is important to prevent fires and ensure the safety of both animals and property. Call the lightning rod pros of Hamilton Rods for a free estimate.

    Lightning Protection for Trees

    The lightning rod pros at Hamilton Rods installs lightning protection for trees. Contact us today for a free estimate.

    Lightning Protection Systems for new construction

    Lightning Protection for New Construction

    The lightning pros at Hamilton Rods has been providing lightning protection for new construction and existing constructions, throughout Texas and Louisiana for over 60 years.  Contact us today to learn more about lightning protection systems.

    UL Listed lightning protection system installer

    Why hire us for your Lightning Protection System

    You cant stop lighting from striking your home or business, but you can protect your house or office from the strike. At Hamilton Lightning Rods, your Lightning Rod Pros,(LRP), we provide the highest quality workmanship and parts together with 55 years of experience, in every solution we make. We have manufactured proven installations that guard against the most powerful strikes. When you want peace of mind call our Lightning Rod Pros.

    Hamilton Lightning Rods is one of Underwriters Laboratories listed installers All Materials Meet or Exceed UL 96/96A NFPA 780 LPI 175/177 Requirements.

    • N.F.P.A. #.780 Member

    • Follow National Safety Standards

    • Provide High Quality Parts

    • Labor Guaranteed

    • Insured

    UL Certified

    UL Lightning Protection Systems E529936

    Home Advisor Elite Service

    Elite Home Advisor Service

    Client Testimonials

    Our group with over 50 members in our neighborhood had an extensive discussion with Marty Hamilton before placing the order. He has very patiently answered all our questions and concerns about the lightning rods. We discussed with many other vendors and found Hamilton Rods the most reliable and offered the best price. He and his team are very knowledgeable and completed their job very well for our entire group without any delays. I am very glad to recommend Hamilton Rods.

    After hearing a friend’s scary story of how his house got burnt due to lightning strike, I started thinking about how I can protect my home. I found couple of contacts through my neighbors and a friend but I really liked how professional and patient Marty was. He answered all my questions and installed the system at a reasonable price. I am happy with his team’s work and professionalism and recommend his services.

    Hamilton Lightning Rods is your #1 Texas Lightning Rod & Surge Protection company. We provide lightning protection system and grounding systems for residential, commercial and industrial structures throughout Texas including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas and beyond. We are a UL listed company, members or NFPA, insured and guarantee our work. Call us today for a free estimate.

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