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Lightning Protection for Rig Operators & Terminal Providers

Serving Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

Hamilton Lightning Rods provides lightning protection installations for oil and gas facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and beyond.

Lightning protection for rig operators and terminal providers is crucial due to the inherent risks associated with lightning strikes in industrial settings. Oil and gas are highly flammable, therefore it is vital you hire a reputable lightning protection company such as Hamilton Rods to protect your facility effectively.

At Hamilton Lightning Rods, we only use UL listed materials. We are members of NFPA 80. All our lightning protection system installations are compliant with NFPA 80 standards. Moreover, we are screened and approved with a five star rating by Home Advisor. We are licensed and insured and guarantee our work.

We can protect your valuable equipment and Oil and Gas Terminals inland and coastal. At Hamilton Lightning Systems,(HLS), we provide the highest quality workmanship and parts together with 60 years of experience, in every solution we make. We have manufactured proven installations that guard against the most powerful lightning strikes. When you want peace of mind hire Hamilton Lightning Rods of

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    Lightning Protection Process for Rig Operators & Terminal Providers

    Risk Assessment:  We conduct a thorough risk assessment of the rig or terminal facility to identify vulnerable areas, equipment, and operations prone to lightning strikes. Factors such as geographical location, frequency of thunderstorms, and the presence of flammable materials is considered.

    Compliance with Standards: We ensure that lightning protection systems (LPS) installed on rigs and terminals comply with relevant standards such as NFPA 780 (Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems).

    System Design Installation: We engage qualified lightning protection system designers and installers to develop and implement a comprehensive lightning protection plan tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the rig or terminal. This includes the placement of lightning rods, conductors, grounding systems, and surge protection devices.

    Protection of Critical Equipment: Identify critical equipment and infrastructure that could be damaged or disrupted by lightning strikes, such as control systems, communication networks, and storage tanks. Implement additional measures such as surge protection devices and shielding to safeguard these assets.

    Regular Maintenance and Inspections: Schedule routine inspections and maintenance of lightning protection systems to ensure their continued effectiveness. This includes checking for corrosion, damage, and proper grounding of components, as well as testing surge protection devices.

    Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture of continuous improvement by soliciting feedback from personnel, conducting incident investigations, and updating lightning protection measures in response to changing conditions, technological advancements, and lessons learned from past experiences.

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    You cant stop lighting from striking your home or business, but you can protect your house or office from the strike. At Hamilton Lightning Rods, your Lightning Rod Pros,(LRP), we provide the highest quality workmanship and parts together with 55 years of experience, in every solution we make. We have manufactured proven installations that guard against the most powerful strikes. When you want peace of mind call our Lightning Rod Pros.

    Hamilton Lightning Rods is one of Underwriters Laboratories listed installers All Materials Meet or Exceed UL 96/96A NFPA 780 LPI 175/177 Requirements.

    • N.F.P.A. #.780 Member

    • Follow National Safety Standards

    • Provide High Quality Parts

    • Labor Guaranteed

    • Insured

    UL Certified

    UL Lightning Protection Systems E529936

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    Client Testimonials

    Marty is very transparent and does a great job. He is very easy to talk to. His job crew was very detailed in their work. Marty also goes out of his way and discloses about everything so you know what to expect before, during, and after installation. He really displays that integrity and that’s a huge reason I hire him ~ Ebram F.- Flower Mound, Client, Texas Lightning Protection System Installation.

    This company is the best! The are great: work done on time, at cost quoted, even if they had to add something, friendly, answered all my questions. Quality work! They gave me several options and made great suggestions. ~ David E. – Boerne, TX, Client, Texas Lightning Protection System Installation

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