Lightning Protection System for Texas

A lightning protection system (LPS) is a set of devices and components designed to mitigate the damage caused by lightning strikes to buildings and structures. The primary purpose of a lightning protection system is to provide a safe path for the electrical current generated by a lightning strike to travel to the ground, thereby reducing the risk of fire, structural damage, and injury to occupants.

Lightning protection systems (Lightning Rods) can prevent damage and potential fires that lightning may cause.  A standard Lightning Protection System is comprised of Strike Termination Devices (air terminals or the rods) along the ridges, flat-roof portions and perimeters.

These lightning rods are interconnected with specialized lightning protection conductor cable coursed throughout the building and terminating at grounding locations, a grounding cable to carry the positive charge to the ground through a grounding or termination rod.

Optionally it is also recommended to install a surge suppressor to isolate the expensive home electronics from an electrical surge caused by the lightning strike. The surge can occur even if the lightning does not strike your house.

Texas Lightning Rod Installation Company

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    Lightning Protection Design

    Basic Lightning Rod Installation

    All Materials Used meet NFPA 780 and LPI 175/177 Requirements

    • Copper grounding rods installed 10’ feet deep, or solid copper plates depending on soil (rocky ground).
    • Parallel cable connector (splicer)
    • Air Terminals (Lightning Rods) spaced 20 feet apart along the ridges – dormers – peaks etc, and within two feet of ridge ends.
    • Air Terminals (Lightning Rods) located on chimney.
    • Cable fasteners placed approximately every 3’ feet to keep the system neat and tightly secured.
    • Pipe connectors used on water – gas – and any metal conduits entering home.
    • Whole House Surge Protection Device installed on the main electrical panel box (breaker box).

    Materials We Use for Lightning Protection System

    Conductor Cables

    These are metal cables or strips that connect the air terminals to the grounding system. Conductors are installed along the roofline, down the sides of the building, and around any other exposed areas to create a conductive pathway for the lightning current.

    Copper conductors: 1/2″ diameter braided cable consisting of 32 strands of 17 gauge copper wire. Aluminum conductors: 5/8″ diameter braided cable consisting of 26 strands of 14 gauge aluminum wire.

    Air Terminal Rods

    These are metal rods or spikes installed at the highest points of a structure. They are designed to attract lightning strikes and provide a preferred path for the lightning current to enter the system.

    Copper sizes range from 3/8″ x 10″ to 1/2″ x 24″
    Aluminum sizes range from 1/2″ x 10″ to 5/8″ x 24″
    Rods over 24″ are available to order with a required brace.

    Ground Terminals

    This system consists of metal rods or plates buried deep into the ground near the building. The grounding system provides a low-resistance path for the lightning current to dissipate safely into the earth, preventing damage to the structure and its occupants.

    Copper ground rods ranging from 1/2″ x 8′ to 3/4″ x 10′

    Lightning Arresters

    These devices are installed on electric service panels to prevent dangerous high voltage from entering a structure through the incoming wires. The arrestor works as a filter to defray incoming voltage, thus preventing a lightning-induced electrical fire or explosion.

    Bonding: Bonding refers to the connection of all metal components within a structure to the lightning protection system. This includes metal roof elements, gutters, downspouts, metal pipes, and other conductive materials. Bonding ensures that any lightning current induced in these

    Surge Suppressors

    These devices are installed within the electrical system of the building to protect against transient voltage surges caused by lightning strikes. Surge protection devices help prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, appliances, and electrical systems.

    These are installed between the appliance, electronic equipment or computer and the electrical outlet to provide point-of-entry surge suppression from lightning induced power surges. Structures which contain sensitive electronic equipment may require a series of individual surge suppressors. Surge suppressors are not a required component of UL approved lightning protection system and can be implemented with the lightning protection system at the owner’s discretion or per installer’s recommendations.

    Ornamental Points

    Ornate points are available in a variety of selections to enhance the appearance of traditional lightning rods of a structure.

    Monitoring and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the lightning protection system are essential to ensure its effectiveness over time. This includes checking for damage to components, ensuring proper connections, and verifying the integrity of the grounding system.

    By providing a controlled path for the lightning current to follow, a lightning protection system helps minimize the risk of damage to buildings, equipment, and occupants during thunderstorms.

    Lightning Protection System Concealed Cables

    We will conceal the cables as much as possible by utilizing the roof ridge lines keeping all cables fastened down to the back side or the most inconspicuous side of the roof ridge line.

    There should be no visible or very minimal cables showing. The same goes for the down-leads going into the (grounding rods are buried in the ground) on the side of the house. We will use the gutter down spouts and fasten the cables to the back side so same as the roof there should be no visible cables looking at the house from the front street view, cables are aluminum in color 5/8 in diameter braided wire, lightning rods are aluminum in color 12″ in height and 1/2″ in diameter, grounding rods are 10′ feet, 3/4″ inch in diameter and buried in the ground so the rod or ground clamp is not visible also a person can’t trip on it or get damaged by any lawn work or equipment.

    60+ years of Lightning Protection Experience

    Texas Lightning Rod Pros

    Lightning Rod on commercial building

    Texas based lightning rod installation company, Hamilton rods provides commercial lightning protection systems and measures put in place to safeguard commercial buildings, structures, and equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. These systems typically include lightning rods, grounding systems, surge protection devices, and bonding of metallic components.

    Residential Lightning Rods Texas

    Residential lightning protection systems are designed to install lightning rods on homes to safeguard property, occupants, and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. Protect your home and property with Hamilton residential lightning protection.

    Lightning Protection Oil Industry

    As a UL listed installation company, our lightning protection company provides lightning protection systems to the oil industry. The oil industry often deals with flammable materials, sensitive equipment, and expansive facilities, making lightning protection crucial for safety and operational continuity.

    Lightning Protection Barns

    Protecting barns, stables and farmhouses from lightning strikes is important to prevent fires and ensure the safety of both animals and property. Call the lightning rod pros of Hamilton Rods for a free estimate.

    Lightning Protection for Trees

    The lightning rod pros at Hamilton Rods installs lightning protection for trees. Contact us today for a free estimate.

    Lightning Protection Systems for new construction

    Lightning Protection for New Construction

    The lightning pros at Hamilton Rods has been providing lightning protection for new construction and existing constructions, throughout Texas and Louisiana for over 60 years.  Contact us today to learn more about lightning protection systems.

    Hamilton Lightning Rods is your #1 Texas Lightning Rod & Surge Protection company. We provide lightning protection system and grounding systems for residential, commercial and industrial structures throughout Texas including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas and beyond. We are a UL listed company, members or NFPA, insured and guarantee our work. Call us today for a free estimate.

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